Monday, December 31, 2007

The clock is ticking...

Tick Tock..Tick Tock..the countdown is on. Ms He-Man is now 34 weeks and according to the doctor it’s just matter of time before the baby decided to pop out his head and smell the coffee (in this case..milk). Just last week I was thrown into a state of panic as Ms-He man first felt this phenomenon of Braxton Hicks..a false contraction…a false alarm. This false occurrence was enough to jump start my system and shift its gear to panic mode. A sneeze or hick up now is enough for me rush her to the hospital for a medical check up.

This event also made me realized that there are still a lot of things that I don’t know about pregnancy and labour. The last time I changed baby nappies was 13 years ago when my mom gave birth to my youngest brother. At that point the situation was different as it was more of a forced participation rather than a voluntary one as my maid was out of action for several weeks. How I wish I paid more attention back then..hehehe.

I am now getting all sort of advice from left right and center. The weird one must be the one that I heard today from some of the ladies in the office as they have suggested for Ms –He man to start sucking a strand of hair of some random old lady, freshly plucked after her midnight shower. This apparently has the benefit of making birth easier. Told this to her and she is extremely not impressed. Yikes! Thanks but I think we will stick to Yoga.

Enough said…countdown this year will be a quiet one as both of us do not fancy the idea of being stuck in a traffic jam.. rubbing noses with strangers and staying up awake till 3 -4 in the morning. From what i gathered from the papers Empire and Jerudong will be hosting this year`s countdown and among the highlights are the Gambus performance from Jabatan on dude..! To those who will be at Jerudong or Empire tonight..have a great countdown and again Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


For lack of better words to describe this is a major disappointment...mega blurghh..and a total bummer!. I have never slept that long in a movie theatre since the last Final Fantasy animated movie. I cant completely blame the movie though, for me the bad experience mainly stemmed from the fact that i have never seen any Predator or Alien movies.

For the life of me, i cannot differentiate which one are the Aliens and which one is the Predator. For me both of them kinda look alike as both of them have this badukang tentacles around them, both of them got this gooey bits coming out from their mouth and the scene that confused me most was when the Predator (i think) decided to open his mask and fight the aliens..boh of them look the same..arghhh!. At the end of the movie i ended up annoying my friend (and my neighbours) as i cant stop whispering to him to ask which one is the Alien and Predator. Sorry dude..but im totally lost!

To completely discredit this movie however might be not fair, as they were several fight scenes that made me jumped off my seat. The scene of the Predator hunting the Aliens through a sewer system was great, and really played to the Predator's strengths showing it as a calm, meticulous hunter taking care of business.

Ignore my rating on this movie as to those who enjoyed a slahing gory killing and alien chest popping might enjoy this movie and my only advise is to make sure you know which is which before even deciding to watch this movie haha.

Cheers all!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Its 5;20pm and i`m blogging from the office waiting Ms-He-Man to come out from her year end closing meeting. Thought i would take this quiet time to sit back and reflect on what has happened in the past and set up plans for the upcoming months.

4 more days to go...2007 will be gone. 2008 will come bringing new hope..a new life and hopefully a new future. 2007 for me was a fantastic year. Work wise..i got a new job and more importantly blessed with a very supporting boss and a very dynamic, fun and eager team (and friends) to work with. It was naturally a struggle in the beginning as you cant seem to please everyone`s needs and demands..but as time passes by you seem to learn their lingo and "walaaa" things just seems to go on automatic mode. One thing that i probably learned from this experience is to never to judge a book by its cover and to treat all as your equals no matter what or who you are. I sat my final CIMA exams last month if if i`m lucky it might be my last exam..ever..i think!

Personally...i acquired a few hobbies this year...more than i bargained for actually. hehe. I kept myself busy by creating and constantly updating this blog which slowly i realized turned out to be more of a personal dairy and a brain dump site. Then...comes photography which complements nicely the motive of this blog and again slowly my blog turned into a blog photo diary. Then..comes golf..oh current addiction, obsession and also my top guilty pleasure. The excitement of getting a par or better still a birdie and the sound of the sweet spot of a driver hitting the ball on a tee can make me shiver and keep me up all night long. All this then just begs the question...what`s next dude?

Whats next is probably far bigger than anything i (we) have ever experienced before...becoming a father (and mother). I cant help to think and wonder how big the responsibility and how challenging life will be in the next coming months. But i guess we will be all right...all my friends seem to survive...some even still have time to go Philippines to buy mangoes and no biggie what? ahaks!

However 2007 also witnessed some sad moments in our lives...we both lost our grandfathers and others too which i think really took a hit on us. However life goes on...and here we are now all ready to face 2008. There are quite a few things to look forward to personally, socially and career wise.. but i guess only god and time can tell..expect the worst and hope for the best!

Goodbye 2007 and welcome 2008...and Happy new year to you all!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Buzy was

They say the best gift you can give a child is memories..memories of a loving family. Pictures capturing moments like these can freeeze time and can give you something to look back on...


The Cake

Green Goblin?

The Anklebiters The gift bag
More Snaps..
The kiss
Santa Zam
The Cousins
It takes three to tango
Poser Zack

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Drool....Dream.. Desire and..

Dry Wallet ahaks!.

To whom it may concern..listed below are the proven benefits of the latest gadgets and toys in the market today

Nikon 70-200 VR: Eye Sight Impovement

Mizuno MX 950: Focus and Concentration

X BOX 360: Mental and Brain Development

Saturday, December 22, 2007

National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets

A movie about three thrill seekers in search for a hidden National Treasure and the search for the truth to prove the innocence of a long dead ancestor. This movie is quite amusing as Nicolas Cage and gang managed to keep you on your toes solving clue after clue which finally led to the discovery of the so called golden city.

This movie again reminds me of another great Tom Hanks movie ..the Da Vinci Code. I got the same feeling coming out of the theatre as all of a sudden lots of questions pops out my mind..does the twin resolute desk really exists? The existence of the book of secrets? Does Apollo 13 really landed on the moon? Truth behind Area 51?

Anyway..a great movie by Nicolas cage and you need to be in the right mood and mentally prepared for the twisted plots set in this movie. On a personal note...i think Nicolas Cage should stick to this kind of movie rather than being another Marvel superheroes (Ghost Rider) or romancing chicks who is 20-30 years younger than him ..haha. Cheers all!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Long weekend

Its gonna be a long weekend this week. Ideally, we should be overseas stuffing our face and swiping our cards away adding to our hefty waistlines and lightening our wallets. Unfortunately or fortunately Ms-He man is banned from flying thus leaving us no choice but to stay in Brunei for the new years. Gave all the ladies at the office a break (well at least 3/4 of them) from working today in preparation for a crazy year end closing period next week. As correctly pointed out by Martin Lawrence in his Blue Streak movie..sacrifice the small cheese for the big cheese..on top of that i managed to convinced them to come on Monday while i will be golfing away at Miri Eastwood ass i am!

My brother is back for two weeks from his Army Training in UK. The stories he told us about the training in Sandhurst is quite interesting and at the same time quite terrifying. The trainers in UK apparently are a totally different breed of humans as most of them have gone through real war situations such as the ones in Afghanistan and recently Iraq. Well..told him at least he managed to come back in one piece and he has gotten a bit fairer,,so it cant be that bad..i think!

This weekend we will be off to Empire and now my brother is here will treat my long overdue dinner celebration to my family. I am hoping to play a lot of golf but first thing first need to invest on a new shoes as my old ones started to talk flapping their tongues away after the meltdown at RBGCC last week.

Cheers all the non-muslims out there...Happy advanced Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Latest addition to the family

Syahmi..the latest addition to the family make his second debut at our Aidil Adha function this afternoon. He is now 5 months and 7 kg. He is mighty cute which i believed he inherited this cuteness from his eldest cousin...RC dude ahaks!


Syahmi & Airah

Mama and Syahmi boy

Poser Aiman

Group shot

Future Armies


Hanging Out

Missing you....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Haji

If anyone here knows any reason why these two shall not be dead...pls speak now..or let them rest in peace!

IKHLAS From ; Z & W

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Truth about DRM

15 years in existence...until now nobody knows what DRM means. Some thought it was Doraemon, some thought it stands for Desperate Randy Men and some just thought its just a football and golf association. The truth is revealed today at the 2007 DRM year end BBQ held this afternoon at the Panaga Shelter@Seria. DRM according to the chairman is a secret association of sportsmen whose mission is to take over the world..someday. Effectively it is a networking channel for all the young and senior professionals from all sorts of disciplines from in and outside of the company..i think!

DRM has grown over the years and currently has over more than 100+ members. Started off as a football club it has diversifed its portfolio to include golf, photography and also expanded geographically with the existence of new webby such as DRM Sydney. Today, DRM reached another milestone with the introduction of the DRM Scooter@ the latest addition to the big boys toys Pictures below are some faces of the DRMers taken at the closing event this afternoon.

DRM Manager

GC the Hunk

See any similarities?

Papadom and Cuboi
Rozaidee and Mai

Networking in action

The Crocs

Dee and S50

Dee in action

The Battle

Mine is that big?

1 ..2...3...snap!

Check out the hair do!

Mr and Mrs Gembo

Snap Snap

Future mommies

Sexy Eyes ..ahaks!