Monday, March 31, 2008

Confession of a guilty mommy

A special post from Mrs -He Man...

"A lot has changed. My shirt smells strongly of breast milk. My baby is asleep on the bed. Poor Aydin, I wonder how he will adjust to not having mummy around all the time. I know that I will probably be holding back the tears when I go back to work next week. It boggles the mind just how much I love him. And I cant even think of leaving him in the care of other people. Makes my heart heavy …

I find myself having to control my possessiveness of his love. I know the more people in his life, the richer his life will be. My Contented Baby book says no caregiver can replace the mommy bond that we have. I hope so. I’ll be heartbroken if he ever preferred to cuddle with someone rather than me.

Zul and I are married 2 years today. Time really flies. It seems only yesterday that we were out every weekend scouring wedding paraphernalia for our big day. Now we have a little boy, the most beautiful little boy I’ve ever seen.

My bright, light of the Moon. Aydin.

I was reading online that there is name for what I am feeling – Working Mom’s Guilt. It pulls no punches and well… speaks for itself really. I never used to understand why some women became housewives especially in today’s increasingly expensive world. It seems that if you want your children to have a shot at an overseas education, both parents had better be working and saving for it from the get-go. Otherwise, all hopes hang on scholarships from a government dependent on falling oil supplies. I’m not sure the government will be as generous in 17 years time. Or whether our local universities will be viable if government funding ever decreased. We will see. Better to plan for something more… certain"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Zikir Maulud

Mini function for our lil` one..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Watch this space

Some have been asking me on my next project on toys photography or professionally known as still photography. Time nw is a luxury and those long free nights seems like a distance memory. This morning however i was struck by an inspirational idea that potentially will be my next project. i have not figured out the exact storyline yet but it goes something like this...


Based on a true life story, a modern romance depiction of the legendary uda dan dara, this is a story of childhood sweethearts who went through the bumps and rides of puberty and the ever changing cheesy lines in the globalization era.. It basically reminds the modern generation today that the old tricks in the book still and will always work. I dont wana elaborate further and will let your mind wonder.

The cast in my next production are no strangers to the toy business namely:

Captain america,
Emma frost
Iron Man

Till then... Cheers

Sunday, March 16, 2008

40 days...40 nights

There are so many things happening around the world at the moment but baby talk seems to be still all I can blog about at this point in time. 3 more weeks, Mrs. He-man will face the harsh reality of having to go back to the office. It`s funny how babies can change your life priorities completely. I respect those mommies who took the hard decision of quitting work to be a full time mom. It is one hell of a tough job in which no pay can compensate for.

Aydin is now 6 weeks old and this effectively means that we are off the “pantang” quarantine period. According to the old folks tale, husbands are usually allowed to go back playing golf at least once a week especially Saturday morning under strict conditions. I don’t really want to but sometime its best to stick with our roots and traditions.

40 days also means that mommy and baby are allowed to go out eat sushi and stuff and thus we did. It was quite a challenge logistically to bring the baby out while mommy is fully committed to breast feeding. Going out seems like a covert military operation as we need to plan ahead and make sure we have enough supplies, i.e. napkins, extra shirt and feeds. More importantly, we need to make sure the target destination is strategic and baby friendly i.e. lifts, non –smoking area, mother`s room etc.

One key development that we realized with our little boss is his farts. Man…I could have never guess baby farts can be so smelly and loud. Not sure about other babies, but ours sure can make a bang. I always told Mrs He-man that Aydin farts like a man…truly a daddy`s boy. He cries less at night and his playtime seems to be getting longer and never fails to delight us every time he puts on that million dollar smile.

More pictures of Aydin in action featuring mommy and daddy…enjoy!

Daddy`s bonding time

Mommy`s play time

Got milk?

Aydin Play time

Saturday, March 8, 2008

1 month later...

Tick tock..tick tock...Aydin is now 1 month old. He got his second round of Hep -B shot early this week and was mighty mad at us. Till now i still hate injections..Mrs He-man cant bear the fact that our baby is injected with a needle...he was screaming his lungs out and punished us back at night by staying awake and crying all night long on a weekday...sorry baby it has to be done..hehe.

Good news is he is growing quite fast..he gained 1.2 kg and grew 2 cm long since he left the hospital a month ago. He is now 4.5 kg and 53 cm long. Thank god..the long sleepless night has finally shown some results : ). His neck also has gotten a lot stronger making burp time a real challenge.

Mrs he -Man told me something interesting that i thought worth sharing. Reason being babies smell so good is that they came from heaven and thus smell like yeah..from now on we gna suck him dry..while it lasts..

Till then..enjoy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Mrs He-Man showed me a kinda freaky article about the recent scientific findings on male breastfeeding. This study was based on a father who expressed regularly months before his son was born and eventually produced enough milk to feed his newborn baby. Apparently with the help of modern medications and sufficient stimulation, the male human body can produce enough mammary glands to produce milk..yikes!

I am not sure what have i done or the intentions behind for me to be forwarded of such article but i should admit that it did freak me out a lil`. Let say one day, the modern/future fathers are more open to such idea of breastfeeding their own baby...can you imagine how would it change things? I thought of some possibilities and perhaps you can add to this never ending list.

First of all there will be no excuse for you to skip the midnight/early morning baby feeds. Provided with enough supporting documentations and evidence that you will breastfeed..they might be entitled for 70 days paternity leave (great stuff eh?), more private rooms to cater for breastfeeding fathers i.e. father`s room. New business opportunities i.e. new subsidiary for Mothercare..."Fathercare". Maternity bras for men and things that comes with it..male breast pads, male breast pumps etc. There will be less issues on public breastfeeding as men are generally ok to expose that part of their bodies to public etc etc

Out of curiosity i googled on this topic a bit more and was surprised to see the studies and things that have been done on this topic. In Egypt a fatwa has been released to permit such things. Studies also discovered that some native African men do breastfeed their babies as some of their mothers died during giving birth. On top of that more and more medications are being develop to cater for such thing as there seems to be an increasing demand for it in some parts of the world.

Weird eh...but its true. To all you brave parents out there..take the challenge! As for me.. think i will stick to the conventional method of bottle feeding..."cepat di masak sedap di mum mum"..till then