Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Congrats to GC

After the long wait..GC finally emerges as the champ at the 2nd DRM tour held last Saturday at Pantai Mentiri GC. The swampy and muddy terrain of the Mentiri GC does not seem to bother this champ..a true croc he is! Congrats again to GC!

As for me i am still in my voluntary "pantang" 40 hari period of golf and other social activities. Eyes are still too blurry to play any sports and i am also in the period of adjusting day and night. I guess it all depends on our little boss whether he will be kindly enough to make us sleep at night to enjoy some activities during day light hehehe.


Monday, February 18, 2008


No matter how many baby books you read and thousands of parenting tips you get from friends and families, nothing can prepare you to take care of your own baby. Similar to golf, babies are just unpredictable. Some nights they let you sleep and some they keep you up all night long. Guess all babies are born unique with their own characteristics and behavior patterns that it is almost impossible to predict their wants and needs.

In the beginning I read a lot about how babies need to sleep at least 16 to 18 hours a day, Thus I created a spreadsheet keeping his scores and points on how many hours he sleep in a day. In just few days we found out he consistently scored under par during the observation period. Par in this case is 16 hours and under par is anything below 16 hours and thus is no good. It drove us crazy but soon we learnt that babies are all different and the books are just an indication or an ideal situation on tips on how to take care of a baby. So we ditched them all and decide to go with his flow. At times like this, super powers like Heroes Matt Parkman would be useful as sometime we just don’t know what going on in He-Boy cute little head.

It’s been 2 weeks now, 7 more weeks before Mrs. He-Man goes back to work and a few more days before I start mine. It is fun to be a full time dad. I started from knowing nothing about daddy ship to an expert. I can now shift him from one arm to another like a juggler, change his nappies in a split second and burp him with my eyes closed. I think I am also developing this bionic hearing thing as I jumped up in the middle of a night with the slightest noise he made when he is sleeping. Well I guess there is more to come and will see how it goes. At this rate, I might as well write a parenting book tip myself fun fun!

Little poser

Little fingers

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Red Roses, Purple roses, Tulips, Carnations and..

Smiley? Beautiful flowers from FAC and FBF. Thank you!



Sunday, February 10, 2008

1 week old

Time flies by really fast and today He-Boy is one week old. They say babies faces change at least 7 times before you really can see their real features. Upon request from his aunties, grandparents and uncles in KB and overseas attach below are some snaps taken yesterday before going to the clinic using his new Bunny- Jedi like outfit.. a gift from his granny`s colleagues in MOFAT.


Jedi in the making

Eyes wide open

A hint of smile

Daddy`s bonding time

He-Boy and his bunny hat

Ready to explode

Leave me alone!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Confession of a first time DAD

Watching the birth of your first child is the most amazing thing in the world. Everyone had told me this beforehand, but it's hard to put into words what it is ACTUALLY like. I don't thnk I can do it justice just to say that it makes you feel ten foot tall and so happy.

After a lengthy labour we decided to go for a ceaserian as the baby was starting to feel a bit distressed and poop in his mum`s tummy. I am allowed to be in the operation theathre and brought along my D80 and JVC video camera with me. I taped it all..every single moments from the minute they cut her up to the time He-Boy came out from his mommy`s womb and taken out to the nursery. It has been a week since He-Boy is with us and since then we have been learning endlessly. You can't prepare yourself for it enough.

In just a few days there are so many questions we are still looking for answers too... like should you feed your baby again if they are sick after a feed? How can we tell if he is full? Should we top up with a formula? Why is he awake all night and sleep during the day? We're not sure of the answers but quite convinced will find the solutions as we go along.

So far it has been amazing. Don't underestimate the number of nappies you change, the amount of time spent feeding your baby or the amout of time you can go without sleep. The thing we have learnt so far is that feeding is the key - if He-Boy feeds well then he seems to stay a happy baby that sleeps well, but everyday there seems to be a new challenge.

Till then..ZZzzZZ

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fresh Prince of He-Man`s Castle

Proud to announce the birth of our Baby boy..Mohammad Aydin@He-Boy last Sunday 5:30 pm at JPMC hospital weighing a hefty 3.68 kg and 52 cm long.

To family, friends and colleagues..thanks for all your wishes..the beautiful flowers.. and the baby gifts. We still cant figure out who he looks like thing for sure he is big fat and the cutest thing in the world.

"Aydin" - Brilliant, Enlightened, Intillegent and Light of the moon. The name is not finalized yet as we need to go through DRB ( Decision Review Board).

Below are some pctures of our He-Boy...enjoy!


1st Day
1st Hour

The Nose

Long fingers..long nails

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Grand Finale

This is probably my last post on this topic and probably the last picture of Ms-He Man in her super pregnant suit. She has been on standby leave since last week and since then friends, colleagues, bosses, tea ladies and security guards keep on asking me ."Is it out yet".."Is it out yet"? She is bored at home..told her to enjoy it while she can as this is only once every three years opportunities of a lifetime hehe.

It has been a great just felt like yesterday when she broke the news and now she will pop just anytime soon. I really dont know what to expect...dont know what to say..i think i am prepared but as the dudes told me..nothing can prepare me for the real i guess i will have to go with the flow and hope things will all go well..insyallah!.

Till then...cheers!

Friday, February 1, 2008

HPLT Away Day




Dennis the Menance