Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mid week post

Its been a while since i last blog. I was really struggling to jump start my system after a total switch off from work last two weeks. I think i am ok now though waking up 9 o clock during weekdays sounds good too! The dept organized a family day last Friday and its quite fun to see families were enjoying time with their kids and families. We have bouncers, clowns, ballon man, candy floss, pop corn, Jollibee and Mr Softy.

Work seems to be getting a bit interesting...the projects that i am working on slowly showed some developments although there are still lots of uncertainty on its progress,..but its ok..one step at a time.

Golf seems to be a bit slow, tried playing last Sat at RBA in the afternoon...but we have to stop half way due to bad weather. Will be playing again this Sat with the DRMers. Need to make sure my short game is working...and keep the greed to the minimum. My target is below 110...plan for the worst and hope for the best!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Root canal

My nightmare is finally here...since i was a little kid i always bargged to my friends on how clean and nice my teeth was..the nurse who came to the school once every two or three months always said that my teeth was great and told me that my mum must have drank a lot of milk when im still in the womb...

Since then i hold to that thought and never visited the dentist thinking that it will always stay clean and healthy ..look what happened now...15 years later the dentist in panaga told me i got quite a bad infection and need to go the so called root canal treatment. The dentist tied me down to the torture chamber and put all sort of things into my mouth including nails, hammer, drills and vacuum type thingy. It took him almost an hour and finally said that he cant do it and i need to see the Orthodontist at JPMC for some specialized treatment...arghhhh! From what i can understand it gonna cost me a bomb and even worst its not covered as part of my company`s health benefits..yikes..! Looks like i will have to delay the procurement of the new irons...see i do get my priority right!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Its Over

My leave is officially over yesterday. It has been great, we didnt get to go anywhere but they are lots of foods involved, sleep and wasted time hehe. It was probably a more relaxing holiday compared to my previous ones in which we were obligated to wake up early to go for sightseeing shopping etc.

We keep ourself buzy tho by doing a kinda major project i.e. finding a suitable piece of land and home. We finally decided that it would be best to built a house in KB or Lumut area and to my suprise the land in KB are damn bloody expensive. An acre roughly cost a million dollars and thus 150k will only get you a small piece of land while the same amt of mulas, 50 mins drive to Bandar will get you quite a decent size house with a land in jerudong. Well i suppose KB and Lumut are kind of hot prperty now especially with the new methanol plant, third batallion and the so called Aluminium smelting project in the Sg Liang Area. All that you know in the next 10 years Lumut will be the next Gadong..or Beribi..mark my words...bet you it will!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Officially On Leave@RBGCC Experience

Finally..the day has come...we are finally not working, not having to think abt work and meetings, not having to think abt where else to eat lunch, and the best part is not to worry abt waking up early in the morning. We dont intend to go overseas as both Mrs-He-man and myself found a cheaper way to shop@online rather to go abroad. I got myself the new ultimate bumblebee@ a 14 inch die cast Takara Camaro and pre-ordered the Mp-06 Skywarp scheduled to arrive in September..yehaa!

DRM championship is on again and this time it was held in RBGCC@Jerudong. Heard so much abt this course and decided to give it a whack to put my new grip into its first test. Tee"ed" off from the black tee, had a horrible start as my ball sliced its way to the waterfall nearby. Hit a few more terrible shots before appraoching the green and was really struggling to pin the ball in the first roller coaster hole. Found my rythm half way and scored 58 in the first 9. This time i am in one flite with Punisher. Serial and Mr conceptual and detail design. Punisher is still trying to gain back the momentum after a one month break to spend more quality time with his chick and the serial as usual is on fire with his powerful tee shots and accurate irons and tiger`s putt.

The back 9 was a battle trying to avoid the long bunkers, the horrible cliffs, ponds and trying to control my greed using the long irons hence the sliced@lost balls.I must have lost 15-20 balls today but its all worth it. End the game with a 123 score in which i scored 2 pars, lost 18 balls, peed 4 times in the jungle with the boys and won a set of Nike one balls in the lucky draw. Not bad huh!.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

New found grip

Went to a golf pro for a fix today. I only have to do a one demo swing to him and he asked me to stop and told me its gna be an interesting and challenging weeks ahead as i am about to embark on a new golf journey with a new golf grip. Arghhh!

He told me that my swing plane and flexibility is fine but my grip is horrendous! He was suprised to see that i still managed to flex my hands and get the ball flying with my current grip. He taught me this new grip and told me that i will see almost an immediate impact as my ball will start to go the opposite direction. This apparently is a natural reaction as i am so used to do some sort of compensation in my old grip and swing. It will take me quite some time before i can get back to my rythm..if there was any to start with....

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mid week blog post

They say that in this world they are 7 people who looks like you...well i think i have found one today..a Malaysian dude who fly jet and Aeroplanes for a living. I was in denial when i first looked at him but the more i looked at the picture the more i can see the similarities..except for that i do look better hahaha...well..i know a DRM member who looks like this Brit rapper Jay Sean hehe..guess who that is..?

It will be another busy day at work tomorrow...will be out of the office the whole day manning the career fair booth in Gadong in the morning and meeting with the Bandar colleagues in the afternoon. My boss signed my leave application next week...and am so looking forward to it. Due to some technical difficulties we cant go abroad so i guess it will be a sleeping, eating, golf, Xbox week for me...yeay!.

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