Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bon Voyage to a good friend

Lunch today was quite fun@sad as we throw a farewell lunch to a good friend@colleague who is leaving Brunei for good after ending her 4 years term in the company. Suhaila...who is still SINGLE is a Malaysian born IT/Finance consultant. I met her last year when she discreetly took over a high profile finance system project from her colleague and ended up working with us instead. I still remember those days when we were churning figures up to 2 am in the morning almost everyday for almost 8 months working on this project. It was a bit easier for her as she was and still SINGLE at that time. It was all worth it, as the project went really well and more importantly we had fun and met lots of new people along the way. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours and enjoy your SINGLE life while it lasts. Keep in touch and let us know if you ever decided to end your SINGLE ness and we insyallah will be there to witness ourselves the end of a Perempuan melayu terakhir Malaysia.

Btw have i mentioned that she is still SINGLE? Wink wink

Single Suhaila

In the car

Group shot

The single corner

Single Din

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A cousin of mine just send me a picture of my brother who is currently under going his army training in Sand Hurst UK. Thought it would be good to share with the family on his latest developments...his friends looks familiar..macam pernah nampak...tapi di mana yahh..?

7 months down the road...

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. 7 months down the road.. i am still amaze on how a human body changes, adapts and tolerate such drastic developments in the process of creating another human being. It amused me so much how a few months back something a size of pea can change into a full grown human being complete with fingers, toes, eyes, nose and potentially a chubby cheek. The ultrasound last week has indicated that this baby probably gonna have a big head and a chubby cheek..sounds like the traits of his mommy than the daddy hehe.

I wonder sometimes how it feels to be pregnant..i do not fancy the morning sickness, extra pounds in your tummy and the fact that you have to push a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon..yikesss hehe. The beautiful thing about pregnancy is the fact that people around you tend to be very friendly and very helpful. This one time we were queuing to eat at Chilis in KL. It was a long queue and we have to wait for a while before we can get our seats. Told Ms-He Man to do her thing and she did that "puss in boots" face to the waiter and "walaaa" all of a sudden we got a table near the window, nice view non smoking area : ). Just today we went to a nice restaurant in KB and bumped into Mr J the KB Branch manager, with a touch on the magic belly we were presented with 2 free chocolate pudding complementary from the management. Yehaa..we were two happy bunnies!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alien Vs Predator (RC Style)

One evening after a long day at work, i decided to rummaged through my lil sister`s room and guess what i found....lots and lots of cute bears from Mr boyfriend. I felt pity to the bears sitting alone in the dark and decided to do something more productive to them...enjoy!

The Awakening

The Fear

The Ultamatum

The Attack!

The news spread...

The confrontation...
The battle starts..

The slash and dice..

The first kill...

The escape...

The Beast...

To be continued.....

Monday, November 26, 2007


Today i witnessed some classic old school flirting technique and probably the lamest i have ever seen in a long time. It was clearly executed out of desperation and despair.

Old man: its really cold hands are freezing
Crowd: ....(silence)
Old man: Uuu my hands are really freezing..
The chick: Really?
Old man: Yeah...try touching it...
The chick: Trapped into the situation...she raised her hand to feel his hand..
Old man: Grab her fingers instead and look her direct into her eyes and said..
Old man: Your hands are really soft..

Kweng kweng kweng!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Was surfing through the Brunei blogs this evening and bumped into this catchy title Curious to see what its all about, I gave it a whack and read through a few posts. Guess what..its so damn funny!. It is basically a collection of random silly funny stories about random things. The one i read so far was about a guy Abu who moved to Australia and worked as a salesman in a huge supermarket. In this story he basically impressed his manager on his first day after managed to convince a guy who initially wanted to buy a kotex but ended up buying a boat, 2 super engines and a 4wd pajero instead.

Reading this blog takes me back to the days when i was a kid@sekolah ugama. Cool had a different interpretation back was all about kurul rambut and sinjang tapih (not getah or zip ones) and more importantly being able to tell funny lame stupid jokes. I was one of them. I collected all these stories from my uncles, friends and pass it to others. At one point i was really popular for this and was invited a lot to the seniors ( defined as darjah 4 and above) smoking session behind the toilet and was asked to tell them all these stories. They loved me for that and in return i got immunity from other big bullies in school..and my teacher hate my guts..hahaha those were the days!.


Woke up this morning feeling really horrible. It was 8:00am and tried to do my morning "crack" routine and guess what.. i cant move my neck. My whole right shoulder seems to be numb and jam. Ms-Heman tried to fix it but i think it just got worst and she blame it on the golf ..jeng jeng!. Arghh.. what a start to my Sunday! My mum told me it might be one of those "Selahau bantal" phenomenon and the cure for it is to put the same pillow out on the sun and sleep on it. Sounds easy..but looking at the unpredictable weather might take me weeks to see a proper sun!

Been playing quite a lot of golf this week. My skin color is getting darker and soon it will take at least an ISO 1200 to shoot my face in the dark. I was a bit cheeky last Friday afternoon which probably explained the pain i am having at the moment.."ketulahan" they say hehe. I wont explain in detail as i know some of the ladies in the office knew on the existence of this blog..hello ladies : )!

Its my lil bro`s birthday this weekend and we had some small BBQ thing for him. It was a nice gathering as almost all of my cousins were there last night. The highlight must be the debut of my eldest cousin girlfriend who my aunts have been plotting to marry off for many months. It was hillarious as they already start planning what color they will and should be wearing on their wedding day..haha. Welcome the the family! : )

The Food

The cake

The Bday Boy

Yum yum

The Aunts


Meet the parents

Nikon cap model

The Subject matter : )

Friday, November 23, 2007

Death of my Kit Lens.

My Kit lens is dead. The body is now being sent to KL for some autopsy to identify and hopefully explain cause of death. It was all so was perfectly fine last Saturday during our Emblem sign of sign of pain. It was the picture of health.. You will be dearly missed which explained your immediate replacement..the Sigma 24-70 F2.x Macro. It will not be the same and i hope you understand. I attach a picture of my new acquittance..i am sorry : )



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Amazing Race Asia; Season 2

The Amazing raze Asia is back!! It is probably the most thrilling and fast paced reality TV show ever. Not sure why..the Asian version is much more fun to watch than the western ones. Maybe i am bias..but the fact that they are going to places that you are able to relate make the TV show more interesting.

The idea behind the game is simple..11 teams started off from the same point travelling country to country..finding the best flights, or navigating public transit in strange cities to find the hidden clues. The best part is when there is drama..a fight, a conflict and arguments between the teams or among the team members. Another fun part of this show is it gave you an insight into the culture and traditions of each countries. The first show today features the team eating a local delicacies of the Philippines ..the Balut which is basically duck embryo..euw!

This season seems to be quit promising as the new team features some chicks from Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia. There are also this two dudes from Philippines who are quite funny, well spoken and fun. I will be posting updates whenever i can on this space..!

Big Boys Toys: Latest addition

Blast from the past...

Movie edition masterpiece ED-209
Robo Cop

Takara Encore Collection

Seasons with Pooh soft book

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


They say that dreams are basically a response to our daily thoughts, activities and sensations. More often than not, it is basically a reflection of what has consumed our minds in the previous day or two. Some also say that a dream is a mean, a channel to express something which will be never said/done in waking life..thus keeping things balance..neutral.

Reason i`m rambling about this is due to some weird dreams i have been experiencing for the past few weeks. Last night i was editing the pics from our emblem party into my blog and went to sleep immediately after that. What did i get...i got chased by this she-man thing who tried to do a "vodoo" on me. I woke up in the morning feeling really tired and grouchy. A few weeks ago, i dreamt that Brunei got invaded by some military coup and the leader was this old horny looking Mussolini look alike. He line us all up (my friends and colleagues) to find his victim for the night and i saved my pack by pointing him to someone else who happened to be his "cup of tea".

The other day i dreamt that i was playing golf and my ball got buried into the ground. I tried to dig it up and guess what i found...oil flowing in the river just under the golf course!. We were all jumping around celebrating our new found fortune till we saw this guy running up to us with a gun. We ran really fast and i fell down while the others keep on running to save their lives. The gunmen pointed his gun to me and asked me to extract the oil for him..guess what my respond was..i am an accountant and i dont know how to separate oil and water!! Lame one but it saved my life! Hehe

Weird huh...I guess for me dream is more of what and how i feel and what i see just before i go to sleep. A friend suggested me to wash my feet before i go to does help. My parents used to make us read "Bismilah" 12 helps too. The only challenge is to remember doing it...esp after a long day at work!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Remember remember..17th November!!

The story begins...

The Recipients

The Boys

The Ladies

The killer pose

The dance..
(Picture from

The Action

The err..truth is in there??

The performance

The man!

The things?

The panoramic view

The murderer

Father and Son


The poch.ness!

MC: Lepas jadi pochong mau jadi apa?
PC: Tut!

MC: Dari mana?
Bob Salleh: Pesatuan Comunis Cina

The team leads

My name is Elvis Keasberry

I m the head honcho!

The story ends..