Monday, July 30, 2007


Went for a mini gathering with old friends from Uni last week at the Millennium cafe. It was the first time we all meet up again after our graduation in 2002. My was that long since we left student life and since then everybody seems to go their own ways...doing their own things. It was quite a big group and most of us are married..some with kids..cute ones..some are 7 months due, 3 months due, some are still trying..some work with banks, with the MOF, Audit dept, Shell, Investment bank, lecturers, one is going to do his PHD and another one is currently station in Russia hehe.

The gathering was mainly to meet up with a friend who came to visit from Oman on her business visit to Brunei. It was nice to see her again...wish her well and all the best in her future undertakings.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bad Golf Saga..

My golf bad spell seems to continue again this week with another horrendous game at RBA sat morning. My ball was flying all direction right, left, up , down except for the center. The highlight must be in one of the first 9 holes in which i hit a strong shot right under the bridge and it bounced back and landed just left where i first hit the ball. It was hilarious and at that point i decided that i want to go home and need to take a break. A break yeah i think thats what i need...i have not taken any break since i first started this addiction sometime 6 months ago.

I felt pity to those who were in the same flite with me as they have to go through my bad game yesterday..a big apology to you all and especially to big cool daddy@greencurry who almost got "chipped" when i tried chipping the ball to the green yesterday. Promise next time wouldn`t be as bad..and just make sure the trophy is still shining and enjoy keeping em while it last!`.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Yeah..thats right..weekend is finally here. It has been a long week with non-stop meetings, ad-hoc stuff and budget finalization period at work. I am currently swamped with datelines in which some of them are quite imposissible to deliver. As usual, keep my calm...expect the worst and wish for the best!

Tried playing netball with colleagues at work this week. This is my first time playing the game and just realized how fierced the ladies can be on the court regardless of how innocent they looked like at the office..hehe. I am particularly stunned by by this one lady who just keep on swearing and shouting like nobody`s business. I was placed near the opponents net as the shooter..had a few attempts at goal..and after being scolded so many times i scored one goal! 1 point for the team!

There is gna be a golf game this week at RBA with the DRMers. I recently had lost my touch which i think might be due to my grips which i think is too strong which led to a close club face and hence the poor and wild shots.

Last but not least..Happy Bday to the Bird who just celebrated her Bday ystdy 26th July. Wish you all the best..

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bad Golf Day

I realized that too much golf is bad..its my third game this week and the result was horrific. My driver can`t seem to work, my strong grip is killing my game and my putting looks like a more of punch shot. I guess this is what a really bad golf day feels like. It doesnt help that my caddy today in Mentiri is a bit stone..argh!

The weather seems to be a bit weird these was hot like #$% this afternoon and its raining tonight. had to cancel my plan to go for some picture and sotong tutuk hunting tonight...ahh well..ther will always be next week.i supposed.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Near Miss

Result is out today and i finally managed to get through the bloody damn paper! It was a really close call but im just happy i managed to get more paper to go in November..hope it will be my last!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tall order

What would you do if you are given a task which is almost impossible to do, impossible to achieve with an impossible dateline? well..they say the solution to a really complicated problem is always on the surface...hmmm

Monday, July 16, 2007

Great Long weekend!

Its been a great long weekend...i finally got my share of sleep for the week, went to driving range twice during the weekend, watch harry potter, went for 18 holes at Mentiri, almost finished my 24 series, bought the new optimus prime and scored hole in one..TWICE in a weekned! Sounds like a pefect life eh!

Harry potter as expected was fantastic (tho i still prefer transformers). Harry looks quite mature in this movie and the magic gets even darker. I think the best part of this movie was the fight scene between Dumbledore and power! I still cant help thinking that Goldermort looks like the grimreaper from Bill and Ted...Ms He Man beg to differ!

The hole in one was actually from my new weekend addiction..PGA Tour 07. Its kinda cool as you got to design your own character and buy the latest equipment. I am currently training a team to compete against Tiger Wood and gang hehe!
Highlight of the week: I breaked my best score in Mentiri with a score of 109. My driver and hybrid saved me some strokes which led to 2 pars on a par 5 holes!. It was a one hot day and i can still feel my skin burining as we speak!.
This week will another buzy one...the week has not started yet and i am already looking fws for the weekend : )

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Congrats to big cool daddy

Post dedicated to a GC for his new born baby...wish you all well in preparation for your many slpless night!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mad week..

It has been a mad week...and i cant believe its only Thursday. Work load seems to be getting heavier and its started to take out a chunk of my time not just at the office but also at night. Ms He-Man is mighty unpleased as i seemed to always find something to do to fill in the night during the weekdays with started with exams, then projects, presentation etc etc!. The way i see it...this somehow will trained my brain and body to prepare for a far more challenging dot dot

This morning i refused to wake up and drive up to KB after a long drive from Seria the night before to see the pooches in Bandar hospital. I finally managed to forced my lazy bum out of bed and finally left home around 730am..oh yes a role model i am! The pooches is not looking that great..its quite unbearable to see the sight of her on the hospital bed not being able to talk with an oxygen mask stuck to the her face and painkillers constantly flowing to her body. I was quite stun to see her last night..but alhamdulilah all went as planned...she will recover back in no time!

Have not been able to touch my shaft and my balls this week ( golf clubs and golf balls geddit?)..but i always make a point that Thursday is a golf day and i hope i will get the chance to play tomorrow. Chances are slim tho as my family is planning to have some tahlil night at home tomorrow...but we will see.

There will be another DRM tournament this week and this time it will be held at the Miri Eastwood golf course. So tempted to play but i might not have the transport and energy to commute back and forth that day. The idea of sleeping through the morning and playing PGA Tiger woods 07 all afternoon on a weekday sounds like a good idea too...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Good luck to the pooches!

This post is dedicated to the pooches who will be going for her long awaited operation in her quest for "hotness". Wish you well and i`m sure everything will be just fine. Cheers!.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Random Swing

Thanks to Mayo for the great shots!

3 pars and 1 birdie = good score?

On the surface it sounds quite good but the ending was quite disappointing as i still cant break my best score 113 in the RBA GC. Whatever it is, this date is a really important one as this Birdie is my first..on a 185 yards par 3 hole 14 in RBA.

Pushed myself to play with the DRMers in one of their Sat morning rituals in RBA and "fortunately" enough i am in the same flite as the golf nuts members: Spidey, GC and Kesisang Man (KM). We tee off quite late in the morning waiting for Spidey to complete his morning rituals "tangas" before golf in the RBA toilet. We decided to play a team match and Spidey and KM kindly gave us a one stroke shot .

To their suprise, we thrashed them quite bad and they are forced to withdraw from the scoring around the 11th Holes. Thanks to the one stroke lead, we managed to get honours in almost 12 out of the 18 holes. I Scored 54 in my first back 9 which i really think could have been much better if not for that stupid index 1 hole in which i scored a stupid 13. My front 9 was quite good until Spidey and KM started to play dirty by presurring me during my tee off and especially during my putting. This mental game reached its peak when Spidey decided to call me "Lai" revealling his fatherly nature which somehow really messed up my system. This plus my bad habit strong grip lead a double par in my my last 5 holes hence my 113 score.

If i can absorb their power i would take the followings: Kesisang Man`s putting power, GC`s Iron and wood draw shots and Spidey`s power drive. Since i cant do that..i guess i will have to go back to some basic especially my strong grips..any tips on how to remove this habit is very much welcome.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Heroes - Finale

Today is the last episode for Heroes -season 1 on Star World. A bit of a disappointing end as it one would expect the showdown between Sylar and Peter would be more dramatic and intense. Instead Sylar died with just one stab from Hiro with his new profound Samurai power. One thing we do not understand..why does Nathan have to flew up the sky with his brother to prevent him from exploding? Peter could have done that himself..can he?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Argh,,its only Tuesday!

Tomorrow is Wednesday and man it has been a really crazy week! Started my day with meetings really early in the morning, site visits and a two way trip from KB-Bandar-KB for a meeting with the Bandar based people. I cant really complain...its my own own doing..guess i will just have to swallow it...gulp!

Heard a mind blowing news from a text this afternoon which really made my day. I do not even know where to start so i guess i will just save it in my next post.

I do not foresee there gna be a lot of golf this week due to the work and personal commitments, but its OK...still have my putting mat and chipping green in the comfort of my own bedroom : )

Monday, July 2, 2007

Word of caution for the speedy gonzales!

A new Australian ad campaign is seeking to reduce road deaths by questioning the manhood of speeding drivers - The series of TV ads shows women shaking their little finger - a gesture used to symbolise a small penis - as speeding male motorists race past.

Hehe..Womder if we gonna do the would be interesting to see what Mr Kudil got to say in his next SHELL safety advert : ).

Dee...pls note!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

More than meets the eye

More than meets the eye..that says everything abt the new Transformers movie. Not sure why they released it a bit early,,but that was one hell of a good movie! The storyline is quite basic,,good guys vs bad the cube save the world.. but the producer has creatively added some tweaks to make it really funny. The movie features the new generation transformers but retained the originality of the characters especially Bumblebee and OptimusPrime. The special efffects were INSANE, the fight scene was probably the best i have ever seen and the chick is hot! hehe. The transformers fan will love this move, non transformers will fan will love this movie and bet you your grandmother will also love this movie. Do your self a favour ..go watch it...if you can get a ticket that is!

Blog worthy moment

Guess whats its abt...hehehe golf of course. Got my weekend golf fix at Mentiri GC yseterday. The weather was beautiful and it was a quiet afternoon. Apparently most of the Mentiri crocs went to RBA for a big charity tournament..too bad for them..good for us! There were four of us in the flite...Big Daddy cool, myself, the bird and invited one DRM croc to play with us. This is my 1st time playing in Mentiri since the last DRM tournament which was almost 2 months ago. To my suprise, my score improved quite "ok"ly, i scored 138 last time and i got 125 this time, almost a 13 stroke savings..hehe! Thanks to my Driver and Hybrid which finally showed their true potential...thanks to Hj Rahim and Pg Ahmad S hehe.

My short game was a bit of a disaster especially my putting. It must be because of my new putter...oh yes my new putter! Its quite different to my old putter, its longer, heavier and damn expensive. Based on my research this putter has a different shape to the other putters as it is shaped to a proper a putting stroke...well the way i see it its an investment..its the path to a great putting! Ciao ppl...enjoy ur Sunday!