Monday, July 21, 2008

Brunian Californian Maki

A friend told me a real story about "Kelupis Panggang" that really cracked me up last weekend. A story of a bunch of Japanese colleagues who were invited to attend a Nikah function somewhere in BSB few months back. It was tea time and the food served was the typical Bruneian high tea dishes i.e. Mee goreng, curry daging, colorful keks and Kelupis panggang, The kelupis panggang were chopped into small parts supposedly for guests convenience and for all to share.

The healthy conscious Japanese bunch obviously picked something that looked really familiar and the crowd only noticed the problem after one of them choked in the camp. Dont think i have to explain what happened and was glad that nobody gets hurt in the process..hehhee


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thursday blues

They were two Thursdays that i hated the most: one is in mid February and one in Mid July. The second one is coming up tomorrow and i know that some of my work colleagues are having sleepless night and nightmares as i speak (blog). It is no other than the our bloody CIMA exam results. Opening up the office outlook on Thursday morning can be really terrifying as your work-life balance for the next few months is really at the mercy of the examiners. Went through all that and glad that its all down the memory lane. Whatever the results gna be guys, do not give up and keep on trying. Its all part of the game and wish you all the best!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HM B`day Celebration: Random

HM B`day Celebration: Candid

HM B`day Celebration

Despite feeling unwell, forced myself out of bed really early this morning to join the BSRC shutterbugs for His Majesty`s B`day parade function at SOAS. It was truly a joyful event filled with colours and vibrance. I honestly think that they were more photographers than spectators as the whole town was filled by Men with Nikons ( and a few Canonians) hehe.

What amazed me most was the fact that they were a lot our "warga emas" dressed up in their best looking outfit walking around the SOAS area together celebrating our ruler`s B`day. Tons of photo opportunities from street photography, men in uniforms, candid shots and best of all up close and personal with Meriam Katak shots. A once off experience and promise to myself will never ever gna be that close again to that monster as my ear /brain almost explode when they first ignite the canon.

Last but not least Daulat Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik and salute to all the men/ladies in uniform that made the event this morning a big success!

No wonder pakai headphone!


Sunday, July 13, 2008


If you stared at them long enough...u can shape it to your own imagination

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Attended a company sponsored course on Creativity and Innovation sometime last week. It was interesting as we got to do a lot of "out of the box" kinda activities which really tested our brain capacity. Its quite depressing to note that how our brain lost its creativity as we aged. As a child creativity dominates the way we think and it will reduce to 40% by the age of 30 and will only be less than 2% at the age of 50. Thus its quite important to keep that think brain of ours working by doing some simple brain exercise like drawing, using variety of colours in your writing and some silly things like going to the toilet with eyes close in your own home, writing with your non dominance hand or even be more adventurous when it comes to food testing.

As for me i was just laughing my brain off the whole time during the course as people just cant stop coming up with silly creative ideas. Amongst one of them is this girl with this Canadian accent whom the team was asked to come up with an analogy or metaphor on rubber band. She cracked us up really hard when she innocently mention "Seperti Bu"R"ung and Rubber Band. She meant it well as she was just trying to say that kids always kill a bird using a slingshot which is made of rubber band. Obviously that's not how some creative minds in the room interpret that gesture.

The other one that i cant forget must also be this veteran lady who is quite conservative in nature. She is no fun and was not surprise why the boss sent her to this course. Anyway she also cracked me up with her consistent soft whispering from the back of the room" Ketulahan" every time people coming up with new ideas. Cakes with the shape of a shoe...ketulahan, Traditional dance with some twist of modern move..ketulahan...emblem function in jungle pun ketulahan! Thinking abt it Creativity is act of ketulahan as you need to be a bit wacky to come up with some really creative