Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bla bla bla!

Yesterday we had a big farewell party at the big chief`s house in panaga. Miss J ,my big boss for the past 5 years is now leaving for a better position in Perth, Australia. Its quite a fun night, i got to make my speech, gift presentation, singing and some gambus thingy, Yeah i got to dance with a bunch of accountants! Geez..sounds so happening eh..gambusing woth a bunch of accountants!

Things are going quite hectic at the office, just last week i was complaining that things are getting quite smooth, stable and thus a bit too quiet for me. I`m now involved in quite a few diferent projects which requires me to blab less and think and do more. Yep, i cant be anymore specific than that..if i want to keep my balls intact at least hehe.

I`m tired...and i`m exhausted...and i know its just the beginning...i think i need a break!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Protect / Destroy or Buy?

The new MP-06: Sky Warp.

Random Clicker or Random Putter?

My wife told me that i should change my blog from Random clicker to Random putter or golfer. Reason being i diverted from posting pics to blog, talk, think and play golf all the time. I think its just matter of time before i will get Srixons noodle for breakfast hehe!. Talking about Random golfer thats seems to be what happened to me last Saturday in Rba, I scored 123...a total bummer!Good news at least i`m not last..i ranked 2nd last among the 43 golfers who turned up for the competition that day.

Thinking one step back, i kinda analyzed my game and it revealed some interesting stats:

Contribution to RBA ponds hazards: 12 balls: +12 strokes.
Average putt on Green: 2.5 strokes per holes: 45 strokes
T-off to 100 yards before Green: Avg 2.7 strokes per hole: +49 Strokes
100 Yards to Green: +18 strokes
Total: 120+

Its interesting to see how much i can save my score by just improving on my short i.e. putting game. Even with a bad tee off and attack to the green, i still can score close to 100 with a good short game. Showed this stat on a proper excel spreadsheet to Ms-He Man justifying the need to to buy the new Scotty Cameron Newport putter but she was not impressed!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday golf

Left office really early to play 9 holes with the TSM gang this afternoon. This game was intended to prepare ourselves for the upcoming DRM tournament this Saturday. It will be my 2nd time playing with the DRMers and i`m really hoping to get a better score this time. The afternoon game was a bit spoiled by the impatient senior golfers behind us who seemed so eager to knock us down with their long drive shot.

GC seemed to be a bit troubled with a backache problem and i think i need to be more focus in my shot. I am less nervous this time compared to the first tournament in Mentiri GC..hopefully thats a good sign!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blog blog blog

Is blog an addiction, obsession or compulsion? I don`t know..i like it b`cos i can share pictures and i can make a better use of my Espeed investment :),

Just finished watching Prison Break season 2...damn that series is addictive. The story plot is quite simple tho..A civil engineer who have a lot of tatoos and plans..many many plans! To those who haven`t seen it, go watch it! worth e very single penny!

Things are going quite fast at the office, all that i know its June already. My last holiday seems to be so far down memory lane.I feel that i need a break..but there are just so much things to do. Heard stories abt some frens who recently went for a golf tour. It sounds so good, group of boys driving around KL hunting for golf courses. The idea is simple..wake up early in the and watch out for a long green course around the highway and stop for an 18 or 27 holes every day for the whole week! A perfect holiday!

At the same time, i keep on getting this compliment abt the status of my weight...told them the only reason im gaining is because my office now is at the ground floor, so i walk less! hehe

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Milestone #110

This week, i breaked another milestone in my golf development as i scored 112 at the RBA golf course last Tuesday. Scored 52 in my first 9 and spoiled my last 9 with a 60 score. All because of that Index 1 a** hole.

Monday, June 11, 2007


A taste of luxury

Its expensive, its hot, its tiring, its difficult, its frustrating but its all worth it!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Al fatihah to my granda`pa in law, Dato Hj Alias Bin Mohd Yassin who passed away today 10th June 2007. Moga roh nya di cucuri rahmat. Amin

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fat fat fat

This morning im late for work. Woke up at 7:20 and rushed to the shower and just grabbed the first thing i saw in my wardrobe. I felt something was not right but i could`nt give a damn as it was already 7:45 when i left home. It struck me when i first sat on my car that it feels really tight. Im in denial and start adjusting the car seat to give me more space. It was ok for a while but half way to the office i felt it again and loosen the seat belt. It really hit me when i walked to the office and felt that my pants are really tight at the wrong places i.e. thigh, butt and waist. I now realized that im fat. I confirmed it few mins ago as i weighed myself and found out that i`m 7kg heavier since i first started golf few months back. I blamed it on the golf, i thought all the swinging, putting, long walk around the par3 course with my trolley every week should help. Well well seems like back to the gym,,i am!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Driver

Haha yes..and i`m not kidding. The DRM captain is having a golf garage sale and i probably got the best item on sale..R7 Driver with a cool green shaft for a really really good price! I now have no excuse to be a bad golfer. hehe

Talking about cool..i was browsing through one of the bookstores in the capital and found a really cool magazine about toys, latest news and gossips about the latest from Marvel, Takara, DC comics etc. Its the coolest magazine ever! The way i see it this is like Cosmo or Female for ladies but this one is for the boys or the geeks : ).

Lunch today, a friend of mine showed me his new toy the Nintendo wee. He showed me a few games including golf. We ended up playing 9 holes and was really late for work. The game basically requires you to air swing the remote and the console will detect the power and speed and translated that into the distance of your hit. Just imagine that!


Busy taking pictures last night while miss he-man was running around to find candles, matches and torchlight. She was might unpleased with me. Told her not to worry as i have the greatest source of light handy with new flash gun! She is not impressed at all! hehe. I figured out, it was the best time to test my new gun

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Good Weekend

It is definetly a good weekend this wk. Good golf..good food always equals to a good weekend. Went to two places to feed the tum tum this wknd. The KNY Kitchen in Kiarong and "Ran Mahal" in Batu satu.

The KNY Kitchen specializes in Thai food and probably serves the yummiest Tom-Yam and Mango/Steam fish ever in Brunei. The smell of the Tom yam is enough to either clog or clear your nose and the taste will make you cry like a small kid kena Lada`ie. It was my brother`s treat for his first salary and at the same time a formal introduction of his girlfriend to the family...UuUUUu!

The Ran Mahal on the other hand is an authentic Indian restaurant specializing in Indian food ..duh! It got everything you can think of papdom, aloo Gobis, Masalas, Tandooris, Beryanis and Nuns or Nans (Not sure how to spell it but you know what i mean!) I can assure you its value for money and will definetkly keep you farting all night!

Golf Updates..woke up really early to play golf at the empire with some "work" buddies . To our disappoinment, the weather was quite bad and we had to postpone the game to a later date. I was so looking fwd but at the same time was thankful that the game was cancelled. It was more of a meeting golf game in which i was dragged into. Thank god for the thunder..saved me my dignity hehe! On the other hand..had my best score at the par 3 this afternoon..36 is the number which roughly indicated that i boogied my way through the nine holes. Next is to really get my driver and long iron going...!