Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What`s up...

I can’t believe it has been a year since I created this blog. Last night mommy and baby went to sleep early (again) and I’m all alone again in the dark. I can`t really watch TV fearing it will wake up the baby. Invested quite some money to buy the Philips wireless headphone but I just can`t seem to make it work. It has this earphone socket which I can`t find the holes to plug it in on our Aifa TV..Any form of technical help is most welcome.

Thank god to internet and used this quality time to browse through what I have posted so far. To my surprise I have posted over 200+ posts since April 2007 which come to almost at least 0.75 posts per day in a year...haha...busy I was!

What has been happening...Well work wise April seems to be a really busy month for me...thinking about it this year so far has been really crazy. A typical company man...being a corporate slave to the never ending rat race between the heads (or toes) in their never ending saga competing to kiss the big dogs’ ass.

Socially..I don`t have a social life haha. The closest to social life now is taking away an ice blended coffee from Coffee bean or buying cartons of Mamy Poko from the Mall or Waho Manggis. Sad eh...but it’s not that bad really. Staying home with our little He-Boy now seems to be more satisfying than anything. More importantly I still have my new Mizuno Mx-950 is now slowly showing its true colors and will put it to test this Saturday morning on a farewell game for PMY..our senior DRM golfer.

On the hobby front...given some extra injection of "moolas" this month..I finally decided to invest on the big bad boy. It’s black..It’s long, bulky and mighty sharp. It’s a dream comes true and probably the most expensive toy I ever bought (I think) hehe. Talking about toys...added a 15 inch He-man`s statue and the limited edition Takara Encore -01 to my collection. I really have to think hard how best to keep them away from Aydin once he know to play and break stuff...yikes!.

Aydin wise..Mommy and Daddy is now contemplating to whether to shave or not Aydin`s head. He is now in the losing hair phase and currently got no hair on top and still quite bushy on the side. He looked like a mini Michael Douglas and we don’t have the heart or guts to shave him off. I myself never shaved my head and the idea of shaving his head with those sharp blades freaks me out.

I think that all for now...nothing interesting really. Still have some work to do with the "Love Story" series that I started few posts back. It’s all in my head but I just don`t have the time to do it yet..Till then.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

A word of caution...

Haha..we have been waiting for him to fit om this shirt for months now..finally!



Tears, anticipation, happiness. All in one day. :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aydin`s new cousin

Alhamdulilah and congrats to the Yusbirds on the birth of their baby girl on the 19th April, 9ish pm at JPMC hospital. A healthy Chinese looking baby girl weighing 3.05 kg. Well done guys...worth the wait!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our little hero

Cant wait for our little boy to grow up and fit into one of these super cute costumes. Problem is delivery is restricted to US only..damn! Don`t worry daddy got a plan...hehe. In a few months times if you bump into a Captain America or The Flash at the mall..chances are that it will be our little He-Boy hehe.

Aydin is growing fast. I think he knows when his mummy is going off to work and start making all these cute noises in the morning that makes it really difficult to go to work on time. Similarly once we are back from work he will make this really long cooing sound which we think sounded like a complain for leaving him alone at home...sigh!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Arians (March 21 to April 19)

Arians are usually associated with strong leadership and determination. There is however one distinct quality of Arians that make us different from the others...go google it and find out yourself
: )

Anyway quite suprise to find out almost 10 of our fellow finance colleagues were born in the same month. I really hope we were not selected based on "that" criteria hehe. A friend generously offered to do a joint celebration at her place...thanks Natasha!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big fat cheque...i mean cheek

A lot of big smiley faces around the office today...wonder why?

Talking about smiles...i cant resist but to post the latest pictures of our lil` one showing off his newly found big cute smile..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Love Story: Part 1 - Love at first sight

Finally..i managed to snap some shots to start a mini series of "The Love Story". Based on a true life attempts to re-enact the bump and rides of a childhood sweetheart. This is their story...

Sometime 10 years ago...
Struck by an Angel
"Dude...Cabo Alert!"

Friends: Ok tu dude...Just switch on ur "Mojo"

The pick up line
"Excuse me babe..i forgot my number can i have yours?"

Schwing Schwing...cute eh

Errr..*shy* but here is my business card
Call me ok.."ring ring"

The Victory Dance...
"I like to move it move like it...yeah!"

To be continued.....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Food for the Brain

As usual driving back from work is probably the most productive time of my day. The long quiet drive on that long bumpy highway allows me to think…a time to reflect on life and things that happen around the world today. Thought of something last weekend and decided to write about it to share with you what`s going on in this lil` brain of mine.

It`s only been three months in 2008 but already we have seen some interesting trends both from the local and international spectacles. One interesting phenomenon which is very close to my heart is this ever increasing oil price in the world market today. One thing leads to another..every single news item seems to trigger the price to go up…starting from the Iraq war in 2003, then all diff types of hurricanes , refinery fire in US, BP leaking pipelines.. Political tensions in Nigeria and Iran, then the shortage of supply and surge of demand in India and China and of course now the weakening US dollar.

The last I checked the price was USD 106. The minute that it breaks that USD 100 barrier nothing will stop it to go up higher. We were always under the impression that we are lucky that the fact we are an oil rich country we are safe guarded from this impact….but it begs the question..Are we?

The trend in the local news today slowly seems to indicate that this is not the case…just trying to pull the facts together …the announcement of coal energy sources in Brunei, plea to reduce usage of electricity, hints of possibility of a rise in gasoline price, pressure on Govt oil subsidy, rise in the price of basic necessities and recently the announcement of the rise in air flight prices and err e-speed reduce to B$68/mth?.. It`s all seems to bog down to the issue that the impact of increasing oil prices is slowly affecting us one way or the other.

At the global scale this issue is even worse. One would expect, as oil is priced in USD, higher price of oil will increase demand for USD and this effectively should make it stronger..but this clearly is not the case. USD seems to get weaker causing frustration to Oil producing countries as their revenues are not growing with the increasing demand of oil in the market forcing them to increase oil price further. The credit crunch issue in US can`t be more perfectly timed causing more speculation of recession and thus further weakening the USD. Just much more Brunei will make if we decide to shift to sell our oil in Euros rather than USD. Tempting but unfortunately we are not that big to be able to influence such decision. I am not surprise if probably If sometime in the near future the big Arabs boys out there finally decided that its not sexy to tag their oil price to USD but to tag it on Euro instead. That might be one quick fix to this issue…I think.

The list goes on. Back in school, I remember of being taught an unusual scenario in which once the price of oil reached a certain level..the high investment on super technology seems to be feasible to cope with the high oil prices. Hey guess what...lucky you economics students out there…you are living in that world today. You must have heard on the term bio fuels…basically an alternative to oil using food stuff such as sugarcane, corn or maize. Those buggers actually did manage to convert these into fuels causing a sudden demand for these crops and basically responsible for the increase in the price of Gardenia bread and egg (not sure why..Bread eats with egg maybe or bio-fuels include chicken). Luckily it`s not as simple as putting those “jagung” or “sugarcane” into the fuel tank..if not those guys selling them at stadium during puasa will be a millionaire by now.

Another interesting development is also on how Oil companies are competing to extract more to ensure there is abundant supply to justify their existence (and perhaps mine too). Shell for example recently announce their latest breakthrough in Oil production from sweeping the oil off the ground by layering off the rich Tar sands in Alberta, Canada. It is anticipated that the potential reserves from this non-conventional oil is six times more than the Saudi`s current reserve and able to accommodate the world thirst for oil for the next century.

There are actually more to this but I do not wish to bore you any longer with these facts and details. Just another random fact…from a random clicker.