Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss Universe 2007

"Accidentally" flicked the channel to CH 70 last night at 8`o clock and to my suprise it was Miss Universe 2007 on Astro TV. It started with 77 "OK" looking women which was then trimmed down to 15 then 5 then 1. The winner of the title goes to Miss Japan who again i think is just Ok. Personally i think Miss Brazil deserved it better but its just me. I might be a bit biased as i have a strong tendency towards Brazillian football *wink wink*

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Barung Dance- Bali

Pictures taken during our last trip to Bali. Barung dance - a cultural dance abt love, jelousy, power struggle, black magic and immortality. Its quite fun and at the same time weird too. Wish i had my flash back then as it was almost impossible to shoot anything from the distance we were sitting.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No more exam fever!

Exam time is finally over. I can finally enjoy back my life, watch tv till late, relax on our comfy safa rather than on the studying table and best of all no more sleepless night thinking about the exam. I cant really say much abt it..its gone and past. Just gna go with the flow.

Talking abt flow, had the previlege to play with the golf master aka Spidey on the same afternoon i finished my exam. Not sure if that was the best way to relax and cool down my brain after long day in the examination hall. Spidey seems to suck all the golfers power on the course that day and unleashed it through his driver and putter. He scored a birdie on a par 4 course hitting his second shot from the long bunker at the second hole and landed it inches away from the pin. He also showed me the "tiger stinger" by driving through between a narrow tree right onto the green using his 5 iron at the 6th hole. Said to myself i just need to invest more time to watch more golf channel to do the same thing!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

DRM Golf Tournamnet

I`m finally in! After 3 months of training i finally drag my ass down to the course for some real golf actions. Forced myself to sign up for the tourney last Friday. Luckily there are a few slots left so i am in with a bunch of pro golfers who i understand were single handicapped and a guru when it comes to golf ettiquete.

I started my morning with a mis-swing dubbed way behind the tee. The ball fell off the tee and i innocently picked it up and put it back nicely on my tee and get my ass in shape for my second shot. Penalty! said the marshal..i didnt ask much and just accepted that im starting my first hit with 4 strokes booked to my scorecard. However i managed to recover my pride as my second shot flew like a bird to the fairway.

I ended the game with quite a bad score 138. When i think abt it, its not that bad for a beginner and there were also some external factors beyond my control that affected my game:

  1. We were in a rush as one of our flight member have to catch a plane at 2`o clock
  2. My caddy sucks big time
  3. Mentally not prepared for the long walk around the course.
  4. I was too hungry and too tired to give a damn on my last hole and hence the 15 points.
Overall, it was a good day. i salute the organizers for their hard work to gather all the people, sponsors and managing the admin issues to organize this tournament. One thing that suprised me was the number and types of prizes that were given out after the game. Some of them includes pro-v balls, callaway balls, chipping net, lots of caps and lots of golf shirts and also some weird golf vaccum thingy. I myself won a cobra cap during the lucky draw. We break off around 1 and immediately crash the minute i got back home. I got the feeling that this will not be my last! Will train more seriosuly to ensure i hit below 120 in my next game!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time Out..from studying!

Its been quiet at the office today. One of my staff was out of action, my Bos went to bandar for a meeting with the gamen people and the other one had to take a half day leave to take a time out teaching her children preparing for the exam. I remember back to those days when my dad taught us how to memorize the "sifir", he gave us a good 1 hr to memorize it and will start asking us from back and forth, left and right and upside down. I`m blessed as i`m given quite a big hard drive but unfortunately a slow processor. I can memorized but i can`t analyzed. (Explained a lot why my maths sucks and really good with Geography and History).

Anyway, update on my golf developments, managed to sneak my way out of the office to sign documents and salary slips in BSRC and ended up in Panaga GC at 415. As usual start off with either a mis-swing or "skirt" shot from my first tee off. I still cant control my nervousness when i`m being watched by strangers. I think my standard is getting better as i managed to keep my stroke to a double or boogie or double +1 (not sure what you called that yet). However, i still cant control my phobia at the 8th hole, an index 1 course in which the hazards includes moving cars on the side road. Last Sunday i managed to hit a 250 yard with my driver skewed nicely to the Amah quarters nearby. Damn, that hole is a killer, so now i decided to stick to my Iron 4 whenever i`m teeing off from that hole. I`m still yet to hear news from my uncle`s Bos who rumoured to want to sell his Mizuno 9.5 degree stiff driver. He told might be a good deal but i guess i will just have to wait!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My exam is next week. Not sure if i am handling this one quite well... It doesnt help that things are going mad at the office and by the time i reached home i`m just too damn tired to even move. Been doing this for almost 3 years now and i should admit its quite tiring. Mrs He-Man finished all her exams last semester...not sure how she did it..but yeah this kind of exams needs more than brain capacity but also some elements of luck! But yeah we will see..: )


"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people"
Thedore Roosevelt

Monday, May 14, 2007

Randomclicker Mgt Consultancy

Rules of work #1: Always give your 110%

Happy Mother`s day and Happy Bday

Took out my parents for a dinner treat last Saturday. It was a special day as we celebrated quite a few important dates: My Dad`s bday, my Mum`s Bday, Mother`s day and My Bro`s graduation! Everything on the same weekend, great eh! An all in one mum`s bday is the same day as Mother`s day thus there is no excuse for me to forget her bday ever! ehhehe. My parents got the shock of their life when the hotel`s staff came up with a guitar and bday cake singing the bday song to them...the expression on their face were priceless!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Crazy Hair Night!

It started on the way to SRC, on a stop to refuel. Small kids were staring mouths open at Mrs Man. She made me put on my wig. I hate being a solitary idiot, she said. THe kids were pointing and laughing as we drove off.

That night there were so many things happening you wouldnt have expected from any Emblem party. Men cross-dressed, Cross-dressers pulled the conservatives up for a dance and shimmy,and everywhere there were wigs and wigs and wigs. There were green afros, blue ones, black ones, white bobs and pink curls. Crazy Hair!

Check out the pictures! Be your own judge, which is your favourite?

Friday, May 11, 2007


Attended my brother`s graduation from the boot camp this Friday. It was a mighty hot day in Tutong. After 6 months of suffering from all the ragging, intensive training he finally made it. He survived the course and now he just got promoted to a PK level one step up from what he is currently doing. My mom felt really relieved after the graduation, i still remember the time when he first got back home from his first 6 weeks of training, my mum actually cried looking at his physical condition..wondering what mess she got my brother into by allowing him to join the army, but now its all over. He has already proven that he can do it and so now its really up to him! Good luck bro!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Long Long day!

My boss dragged me to mtg the whole day today. Did not managed to get anything done as i sat in the mtg room listening to presentations all morning and afternoon. I`ve seen and learned some new stuff today, wish i could share share with you but i guess i better keep it to myself. What i can say at least is that you will be surprised what you can achieve with some sarcasm and cynicism to survive and save your own assess

Late afternoon attended our yearly AGM in BSRC. I think we had the most attendees this year reaching close to 50. This is much better as compared to Panaga club who only had max 15 during their AGM last week. You can bet its gna be an interesting time for BSRC this year, we had some new young joiners to be part of the management committee starting from big names such as Shafiee Hassan as the Deputy President, Azren Taib as the new Social secretary and Leny Saji as the club representatives. Finally some young blood into the system...hopefully for the better!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Burned Out@Tiger Putt

Widdy told me that i`m burned out, I`m denying it but taking a step back i think i`m a bit burned out.I seriously dont think its the job, i think its all abt the bad timing rather than anything. In the office..there is now big huha abt managing expectations, trying to solve almost an impossible equation and unfortunately we are part of the problem. At the same time, the exam is just around the corner, tried as much as possible to get my butt to study but i just cant do it. Came back home around 7-8, eat dinner and sometime have to bring back the office stuff back home so at least i can enjoy bfast at the canteen.

This afternoon i decided that i need a break and catched the birds for a short golf game. My driver is slowly co-operating with me. My highlight for today was definetly my bunker shot in hole no 3. It was my fourth shot and my ball was burried in the bunker, Took out my s iron and just hit it through, the ball flew beautifully out the bunker and rolled on the green..and straight to the hole. Wah..that really made my day and hence the blogging!

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Had this coversation just before i started my weekend last Frday

3:30pm Friday 4/05/07

Phone rang..

RC: Hello
Chinese Lady: alo ah..can i speak to Mr Su`L
RC: Speaking,,how i can help you?
Chinese Lady: haiya Mr Su..long time no hear news mahh..
RC: err yess.
Chinese Lady: i called lo office no answer..i call lo handphone no answer..i call seculity..seculity give me new number
RC: how i can help you miss?
Chinese LADY: I want to follow Tai-Chi, when can i start?
RC: Blink Blink..Tai Chi?
Chinese lady: You head of Tai what?
RC: Head of what?
Chinese Lady: You Mr Su`l right?
RC; yes..
Chinese Lady: U head of KB Tai Chi association right?
RC: erkks no i dont do tai-chi..
Chinese Lady: haiya..Mr Su`l?
RC: This s Zul,,who are you looking for actually?
Chinese Lady: Aiyo im looking for Suk tang ling..
RC: haiya wrong number lah!

Weird eh!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What a day!

My oh was such a hectic day today..i don`t even know where to start. Start off my day really early to visit the dentist in Panaga. I never really like going to the dentist ..ever!. However this time i have to go..i just cant stand the pain and the idea of waking up in the middle of night feeling numb and dumb. It was a painful experience...i felt abused...but one positive thing was that i came out from that room feeling better..much better!

The office was a different story..bumped into my Boss first thing in the morning...and he started to do his thing...the art of Tai Chi ( delegation). Worked my ass through lunch and finally completed the presentation by 4. The minute that i passed it to him he told me i will be presenting instead since i know the stuff quite well. haha..i should have known!

Managed to get out from the office at 5:15 and catch the bird for a quick golf game, After my first tee off, it started to rain and we decided to continue anyway. Played quite badly today...i blamed the rain!

As for now..i want to relax..hey guess what..Heroes is playing..till then ciao!!